Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tobacco Shed

This is an old tobacco shed. When I take my walks I go through a small patch of woods to an open field, now used to grow hay, but at one time was used to grow tobacco. The shed is there at one end. It was repaired with new side boards. The old ones had rotted away or, I'm told, were ripped off when old barn boards began to be used for what I can only imagine. The new boards weathered and the new metal roof looks o.k. in photos if you have the right light. I chose the shed for a subject to see how many different pictures I could take. I now have dozens. This one of the first. I like it, even though the subject is centered, which is not exactly going along with the "rule of thirds". But they say rules are made to be broken. A little sunlight would improve this shot. I don't do much post processing so this is pretty much as it was.

The walk I take is 25 to 40 minutes, depending on whether I walk the perimeter of the field. There's a pond over there in another small patch of woods, where you could see wild turkeys. In the morning, in spring, at first light, you could hear the tom turkey "gobbleing". I imagined him trying to get his flock up and out of the trees to get his day started. Sorry to say, the small area is being developed. Trees cut down and a road put through so the turkeys have moved away. There are still some, but it is rare to see them. You could see deer quite often, but not so much any more. Folks love to see wild life and are sold on the idea of living in such an area, but, their very presence destroys that selling point. We had a fishercat for a while, but haven't seen it for a long while. I'm glad for that since they do clean out the area of small prey. Other than that we have the usual skunks, racoons, possums and woodchucks. Rabbits have disappeared. Saw only one young one a couple of years ago. No bunny prints in the snow! There are hawks, too. They sit in the tops of the tall trees at the edge of the field. I try to identify what sort of hawk, but so far, am not certain. Love to hear them as they soar overhead. We did have three fawns on the front lawn. They were just losing their spots and were very confused. I was afraid they would run into the road. Cars here go very fast and seem to have little regard for safety. Thankfully, they headed back toward the woods. Have not seen them since.
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