Thursday, October 16, 2008


Petey was a good cat, easy to live with and lived to a ripe old age. She was a teen-ager when she died. I was living alone and putting in long hours at work, so the animals did not get an excessive amount of attention. She became sick and I got her to a vet, it was a new place. Petey became extremely ill in a very short time. It was very close to Christmas. The vet took blood and said she would send it off to the lab. The bill was very high, I remember. A couple of days later, I got home from work to find Petey had collapsed in the cat pan. I called the vet, who waited for me and she administered euthanasia solution. She said she had not sent the blood off yet (!!!) so there would be no charge! I think it was around two hundred dollars for the tests.
I'd prefer not to dwell on the end of Petey's life, because she was a dear little cat and was a wonderful personality. She might be waiting by the Rainbow Bridge for me....I hope so!
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Anonymous said...

such cute cat. i'm sorry for what happened..