Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yellow Bicycle

I like this shot a lot. It tells a story and the composition (IMHO) is O.K.. It is from a couple of years ago.
Taken at Harkness State Park in Waterford, CT, a nice place to unwind. There's a beach, but no swimming allowed. In the background here, you can see the nesting area for terns. It is roped off in spring so as not to disturb the birds. There's a nature walk, too, although a short one. It's a good place for bird watching. There are Ospreys nesting in spring that you can watch if you have binoculars. Off season, you can enjoy quiet walks. Fishermen (and women) are usually there fishing off the rocks. I have fished there quite often a few years ago.We caught mostly Blackfish which were good eating. Once got an eel which I'm sorry to say, I killed. There are deer here, too, and, of course deer ticks.
This park was the summer home of the Harkness family. The huge stone mansion is open (on week-ends?) for touring. The gardens were in disarray, but have been restored by the state and are quite lovely. The state also did a lot of restoration on the house. It's available for weddings and receptions. There is an outdoor "chapel"area for weddings,too. Other buildings include a so-called garage which stored lots of vehicles.
Mrs. Harkness left her estate to the state with the provision that a section would be used exclusively by the disabled. In the summer, it is opened up as a camp with sleeping quarters. Weekends it is crowded with campers and families enjoying the sun and a roped-off section of the beach for wading and swimming.
I came here every chance I could. Brought the dog (or dogs) when I had one. Came in winter and summer.
It became a tradition for us to walk here on New Years Day. I miss it.
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