Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ginko Trees

There are two in the back yard here. They are not spectacular, but are interesting. Their leaves are fan shaped and green. In fall they turn yellow and are very pretty. At the first cold days, they drop their leaves. Sometimes in a matter of a few minutes the whole tree will shed them. I always watch for that. Sometimes they will lose them overnight.....not one leaf left. Ginkos are a link to our prehistoric past. In existance for 200 million years! I just looked this up on Wikipedia. They survived the Hiroshima bomb, having been found at the epicenter of the blast, they lived without malformations. One of ours produces fruit, although not anything you would eat. The seed is enjoyed by our squirrels. Apparently, there are male and female trees so I guess we have one of each. Their leaf design has been used in a lot of fabrics.
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