Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What??? Another Deer Picture?

This blog certainly didn't start out to be devoted to deer, but here is another picture. It seems we are visited regularly by what is now a herd of them. We had yet another snowfall yesterday and, when I went out to do my bird seed duty this morning, the whole back yard had deer prints. This was taken from the bathroom window on Sunday. When I opened the window, this doe perked up her ears and posed for the shot. After a series of bad days, these creatures are providing us with a bright spot. Hurry up, Spring!
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Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

That is such a wonderful photo. We have deer that come in our back yard, but I can never get a decent picture of them.

I agree with the 'Hurry up, Spring".


Anonymous said...

She did pose beautifully for you. Wonderful photo!