Thursday, January 15, 2009


I call this deer Lucy. This shot is from last year. She has a deformed front leg that doesn't seem to hold her back. I used to see her now and then and hope that she would be all right. These days, with the temperatures down in the single numbers, it has to be rough going for all creatures. I saw deer prints in the snow this morning and and thought about Lucy. I knew deer had come in the back yard to find whatever seeds the birds have left. Actually, we did not have as many birds as usual yesterday, so they might have had more to eat than they usually find. The temperature is expected to stay very cold for the next few days, with more snow on the way.
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Anonymous said...

I've named one of the does that visits my yard "Gracie." She's easy to recognize because she is lame in her left hind leg. It looks like a hock injury. But like your Lucy, she seems to do alright.

Very cold here today. I think we're up to 3 degrees now.