Wednesday, January 7, 2009


This fellow, munching on a peanut, must be a grandfather by now ( or a grandmother). The photo is from a some time ago. I splurge on peanuts and seeds every year. Developers have destroyed some woods near here so foraging for food must be difficult.. Deer are scarcer now, although there were four in the yard one morning this week. They come to see what seeds are left behind. I'm interfering with nature, I suppose, with the extra food I put out. It's a selfish attitude. I guess, since it's no doubt for my own enjoyment. This morning we had fifteen squirrels, mourning doves, juncos, and a cardinal or two. I'm never sure when it's the right time to stop feeding in the spring.
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Anonymous said...

Cute picture! I interfere with nature also. I buy some cheap bird seed that is mostly corn...and I put it on the ground in a corner of my yard. The squirrels, chipmunks and birds love it. And the deer really love it! I had four does in my yard this morning. I never tire of watching them.