Saturday, January 3, 2009

Rosa Mundi and the Woodchuck

Rosa Mundi is an old rose, or, I guess you could call it a heritage rose. There are a few plants in the back yard. The flowers are beautiful, white with pink stripes, or the other way around. Our resident woodchuck loves the new green leaves and nearly destroyed the bed. Now, we have two woodchucks, (currently hibernating) probably the older one is a female. Nothing seemed to discourage the creature from eating the foliage. Finally, it found other green stuff, the wild violets, for one., and the roses grew new leaves and blossomed again. It's a battle of wits to keep ahead of our furry friend. I'll try again this summer after she weans her babies, to discourage their residency and move on.

This rose goes back to the 1500s, so I think it is worth an effort to protect it. It's easy to grow and doesn't need a lot of care beyond the critters who try to demolish it.
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