Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Back Lot

Through the gate and up the hill through the wooded area and you will come to the back lot. After my climb, I need to stop and catch my breath so I stop here by the hayfield. The hay is lush and bright green from all the rain this spring. Sometimes there are deer browsing along the edge. Once I saw a doe and her fawn nibbling the brush. One spring we saw a dozen deer in the field, grazing on the new grass. There is usually a hawks nest there across the field. They sit and wait for some poor critter. You can watch them soaring overhead . If you cross over to the other side, there is a pond that is covered with waterlillies with yellow blossoms. You can hear bullfrogs there and see the Painted Turtles that have climbed out on a tree that has fallen into the water. I"ve seen a few kinds of herons here.
On this side, developers have started building. I turn back into the woods and
continue my walk. The woods are not spectacular, some part of it used to be a
tobacco field. It is now owned by a local land trust so at least this area won't
be disturbed, but it is being disturbed, after all, by a youngster on a dirt bike.

He does "wheelies" on the walking path, managing to dig up roots and making ruts.
My little camera can do panoramas but I have never successfully done a
good one. This is my latest attempt. I"ll keep working on it.
I tried to correct the spacing of these lines, but nothing works! Darn!
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SquirrelQueen said...

You find some of the best places for walks. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

That does sound like a great place to take a walk. I like your panorama!

And I sometimes struggle with the spacing on blogger.

Have a good week!

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Your panorama looks nice. Sounds like you have a pretty place to go walking. It's a shame the youngster on the dirt bike has to disturb it.

Linda said...

I've never been able to shoot a panoramic scene myself - not even close!

Looks like you had a lovely walk with lots of nice scenery!

San Diego Farmgirl said...

Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing, so different from SoCal, all that gorgeous GREEN! We only get green two ways: spring and sprinklers! haha

Please share any Aerogarden tips your sister discovers!

Jo said...

That photo is lovely, but I love your description of it even more.


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