Sunday, March 29, 2009

The National Seashore

This photo is from a trip to the National Seashore in 1990. The quote is from the National
Parks web site. The windswept grass and the dunes are what you find on the north shore. To the left is the restored life saving station that I posted about last year. The park is a very popular tourist destination. A great place for families with kids. School tours come here in early September. Golden agers come on bus tours. Guess you could say there's something for everyone. I first visited in the 60s, before the park was established. We came in late September when the breeze was cool and the sun warm. Shops in town were closing and you could find sales on just about everything. Restaurants were not crowded and were glad to have your business. A few places that the locals frequented stayed open all year. The Portugese bakery made the best sweetbread ever. We walked and biked and generally enjoyed the best part of the year. I don't go up there anymore. Too much has changed, including me.
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SquirrelQueen said...

That sounds so beautiful. You're making me wish I lived on the East Coast again.

Linda said...

I've been to the National Seashore twice and think it is one of the most beautiful places here on the East Coast - plus the girls absolutely loved the waves there!

I would love to try to get back up to Cape Cod sometime this year but it just seems like there is never enough time to do the things I want (or the money for that matter!).