Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I was born here in this house in an upstairs bedroom. The farm was owned by my mother's parents, both emigrated from England with their families to work at factory jobs until they were able to buy this property. This photo is from the early 1900s, taken by my mother.

My paternal grandmother attended my birth as mid-wife. As a child I was told that I was born on my Aunt Mary's pillow. The property is still in the family, belonging now to a cousin. This photo was taken by my mother who, as a teen-ager, was given a Kodak Brownie box camera as a birthday present. I think that in those days that camera cost less than five dollars. She recorded life on the farm. Original photos were kept and we have returned them to the farm in the care of our cousin. He will pass them on to one of his sons, we hope. The home has been improved, of course, over the years, now having the name of "Brookside Farm", I think.

The town, like so many, is no longer a farming community, although farms still exist there. It has become a rather up-scale place to live.
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